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Photovoltaic overview

Photovoltaic, referred to as PV (photovoltaic). China's 76% of the country's abundant light, light energy distribution is more uniform; and hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, etc., solar power without any emissions and noise, application technology is mature, safe and reliable; in addition to large-scale grid-connected power generation and off-grid applications In addition, solar energy can also be pumped, superconducting, battery, hydrogen and other means of storage, solar energy + energy storage can almost meet China's future stable energy demand.
Solar energy is the future of the cleanest, safe and reliable energy, the developed countries are the development and utilization of solar energy as the main content of the long-term planning of the energy industry, photovoltaic industry is increasingly becoming the international following IT, microelectronics industry after another explosive development of the industry.
The best way to use solar energy is to convert PV, that is, the use of photovoltaic effects, so that the sun shines on the silicon material to generate electricity directly to generate electricity. The development of silicon materials used in the development of the photoelectric conversion industry chain known as the "photovoltaic industry", including high purity polysilicon raw material production, solar cell production, solar cell module production, related production equipment manufacturing.
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology August 19, 2015 released data show that China's photovoltaic industry in the first half increased by 30%. At the same time, the product prices steadily, business generally improved, the domestic top 4 polysilicon enterprises are full, the top 10 components of the average gross margin of enterprises over 15%, into the photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard notice list of 29 components business average Net profit margin increased by 6.5 percentage points.